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Parameter order matters for cvs update – lesson learned on Bugzilla

August 25th, 2010 No comments

It looked like a straightforward job – upgrade my heavily customized Bugzilla from 3.6.1 to security fix 3.6.2.  I know I just need to run cvs up to get my files updated to the latest Bugzilla_Stable branch and resolve conflicts. But wait we want to get new files and prune empty directories, so I typed cvs up -Dp. No warnings, ok, go ahead run ./checkconfig go to Bugzilla – oops too many changes – version 4.1 is up. Ok, downgrade and next time use cvs up -Pd, if I have typed cvs up -pD I would finished with a warning about missing date. But cvs up -Dp was understood as -D with value p, that got actually ignored.

Downgrading took quite a couple of hours – Bugzilla caches complete database structure in bz_schema, which is not recommended to be touched – but this time the problem was change of type in table fielddefs for some columns like classification and component.

Debugging seemed quite a lot like the movie Inception – on each deeper level you spent more time and you understand less.

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GTD: Toodledo iPhone application

October 27th, 2009 No comments

So I switched from Google Tasks to Toodledo to see what is all this Get Things Done about.

Some hints about GTD:

  • Context is just a funny name for tag, that allows GTD to become a business model.
  • Folder is just a funny name for tag, that allows GTD to become a business model.

Now some words about Toodledo web application:

[-] It does not look nice, it is slow to edit.
[-] I have not found any group operations (like renaming a tag, changing a folder).
[+] It can import from simple text file, line by line.

Some words about the Toodledo Firefox Extension

[+] It looks good and is quite fast.
[-] In order to edit a task you need two clicks.
[-] Does not allow Due by, Due on, Due after, Optionally due specification.
[-] The standalone popup form for adding tasks looks as if it were completely different application.
[-] Due Date does not offer Today as default. You have to select date manually.

And finally the paid iPhone application (native one):

[-] You cannot apply context filter when you are filtering by something else.
[-] You cannot associate a phone call or anything with a contact from your contact list.

And hints about general features:

[-] Task with set Due Date and Due Time will be shown as overdue only on Day+1.
[-] The default reminder 1 hours before task is due is a strange limitation of the free version. The paid one allows 15 minutes to 14 days. But I want to be notified just at a time (phone calls for instance).
[-] Tags are not clickable when you want to add them, you have to type them – so the chance, that you mistype is high.
[-] The notes stored with task strip line breaks.

But so far it is still better than primitive Google Tasks.

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