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I did one hundred push ups

October 15th, 2012 1 comment

I know there is only one person in the universe who cares – myself. But after 44 weeks, restart with deeper push ups and after injuries from ice hockey, countless questions why I did not give up, when there was obviously no visible progress … I have to record it for my later days ūüėČ

It took me 314 days, it was 120 training evenings. Together 28343 push ups.

I could have been faster – reaching the end of training program program did not make me strong enough, so I continue without a plan and it was lost time. Finally I added 4 push ups to each series of the 3rd day of the 3rd level of the 6th week. I supported this with more proteins and cookies for last couple of weeks (2kg up!) And once I finished this, I felt confident that today was the right evening. 99th was tough, but I knew I did not want to fail at this number and I did it.

Thanks to @kaja47 who made the application for Czech community and to @HosipLan, who started the challenge. I have used iPhone application.


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