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How to export videos from iPhoto and keep their date

When importing files from family iPhones on MacBook Air, Google Picasa does not process rotation properly. I have to use iPhoto. However iPhoto does not export properly date of videos. In order to keep my archive on disk properly organized, I wrote myself two scripts.

I export images and videos from iPhoto using:

Field Value
Kind Original
File name Use filename
Subfolder Format Event Name

This will place them into subfolder on the disk. Now in each directory I run script iphoto-touch-mov-by-prev-image, which will touch the videos to have the same date/time as the closest image.

Afterwards I run all files through a script iphoto-copy-export-to-archive-dir which will put them into YEAR/YEAR-MONTH-DAY subfolder in my archive.

In order to process multiple subdirectories I use:

for DIR in `find . -type d`; do
    iphoto-touch-mov-by-prev-image $DIR
    iphoto-copy-export-to-archive-dir /Volumes/Archive $DIR/*.*
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