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Plesk 9 – installing Bugzilla and CPAN problems

So we have Bugzilla installed from CVS in some directory and we run ./checksetup.pl – it shows that we need a bunch of modules, but they do not install – all you can see is fail message like — NOT OK.

We need some basic packages to work with CPAN on Plesk 9 machines, you have to install some modules:

yum install gcc make

But make needs to be explicitly set in CPAN (may be for CentOS only):

perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> o conf make /usr/bin/make
cpan> o conf commit

This will get rid of the Writing Makefile for — NOT OK problem.

But Bugzilla needs DBI::mysql and this needs extra care because of test. But first of all we install mysql libraries:

yum install mysql-devel

And now the installation itself:

/usr/bin/perl install-module.pl DBD::mysql

but it will leave the package downloaded somewhere like

cd /root/.cpan/build/DBD-mysql-4.013

go there and now prepare test database:

echo 'CREATE DATABASE test;' | mysql -u admin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow`

and having this make the package:

perl Makefile.PL  --testuser=admin --testpassword=`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow`
make test
make install

Now repeat the ./checksetup.pl and install other missing modules.

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